>Tennessee wins, Tennessee wins! Holy s***, Tennessee wins!

>Four overtimes later, the longest winning streak in the country is still in tact. Tennessee finds a way to beat Kentucky in football, yet again. Thank goodness.

I feel as if I aged about 20 years during that game. Any more Tennessee games like this and I’ll be ready to check into the retirement village.

That said, while I’m beside myself that we won, I still see some huge glaring errors. My biggest complaint this year has been the Vols not playing a complete game. And it happened, again, today. After dominating the first half, the Vols could only muster up seven points in the second. And that was a gift from Andre Woodson who fumbled it to us inside the Kentucky 30. We couldn’t sustain a drive and allowed Kentucky to hang around and come back in the game. I just don’t know what they’re putting in the Gatoraid at halftime but maybe it’s time to try a new flavor.

And the play of the game–the 4th and 3 that we went from in the 4th quarter. We punt and pin them deep, they don’t have time to drive down and score three times to tie it. A horrible play call by Fulmer and I don’t understand it. You’ve got Colquitt, one of the best punters in the country and a great weapon but you don’t use him. I don’t get it. I can see it that if you go for it and get it, you bury Kentucky and win the game. You look like a genius. Instead you don’t make it and allow them to kick open the door with momentum and get the crowd back in it. I think on the road it’s an even riskier call. At home, I can maybe, maybe see doing it, but not on the road in a game with so much on the line.

Oh well, the good thing is we won. And the losers in all of this–well, again Kentucky fans, Georgia fans and anyone who thought they’d see any of the Florida vs Florida State game. As the overtimes piled up, that one went to being over with Florida up by three scores.

And now, as I listen to the UGA vs Georgia Tech game, ABC is inflicting the worst college play by play guy in the world on us–Larry Munsen. He’s worse than Bob Kesling and that’s saying a lot. Just because Munsen has called games since Georgia achieved statehood doesn’t make him good. It just makes old and overrated.

Speaking of bad calls, could CBS have sent a shittier crew to call the game? They couldn’t recall which team was on offense and which was on defense. Many times Woodson was being rushed by his own defense. And they had a complete UK bias as the second half went along. They could barely get out of each other’s way to kiss Woodson’s posterior. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Not as horrible as Larry Munsen, mind you. But still bad.

Oh well…let me recall the important thing. Tennessee won. And we’re headed to Atlanta to face LSU for the SEC Championship next week.


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