>It’s SEC Championship Day

>Today’s the day–the Vols square off against LSU for the SEC Championship.

I’m a bit nervous because I’ve heard a lot of pundits saying the Vols have a great chance to win this game and even a few picking us to win. I guess I prefer the role of underdog in a game like this, though I’m confident the Vols can win the game.

How you ask? Score more points that LSU, of course.

(I’ll be here all week, folks…tip your server).

There are a few factors that play in the favor of Tennessee. The potential shuffle of the coaching staff at LSU could be a distraction for them. Also, LSU isn’t the same team that started the season with a dominant, overpowering defense (just ask Arkansas). And I could see the Tigers having a huge letdown since they’ve been to the top of the polls twice only to see their hopes of a national title slip away. Plus it seems that in the new century, UT and LSU have traded wins. They win one, we win one….so by my figuring, it’s our turn to win.

The thing I most worry about with UT is whether or not we can play a complete game. We’ve really only had one all year against Georgia. We got up early, they tried to make a comeback in the second half and we answered and shut that down. If we get up early on LSU, we need to keep the pedal to the metal all game long and bury them. We’ve seen two near losses due to comebacks this year and I’m not sure I can take another gazillion-overtime game.

That said, it should be a great game and I’m excited and ready for it.

GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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