>Still no SEC Championship

>Tennessee had their chances in this one, only to see them thrown away on two bad throws by Eric Ainge. One bad throw gives LSU a free TD and the other caps off any chance the Vols had to win the game. Honorable mention for the loss–Daniel Lincoln’s choking under pressure and missing two field goals in the game. He makes those and as we’re only down by one as we start our last drive. Ainge might not have to force the ball in and instead play for a game-winning field goal. Instead, we drop to 2-3 in SEC Championship games and having not won one in nine years.

Of course, it wasn’t helped that LSU was helped and cheating. Helped by a couple of non-calls, esp. a pass interference with their guy having two hands in the back and shoving a receiver. And cheating by continuing to keep Ryan Perrilioux in the game while bleeding. I believe the rules state that if you can’t stop the blood, he has to come out. And I call soaking through the bandages still bleeding openly. That’s why they had everyone around him on the sidelines when they’d work on him. CBS arrogantly assumed that it was to keep them out of it, but it was so hide the condition from officials who might make him come out of the game. Beyond the cheating, shouldn’t we think about the player here. If he’s bleeding that much, he needs stitches and medical attention. Glad to see where Les Miles concerns are–not with his players obviously.

Speaking of CBS, I thought maybe just maybe we might get some better coverage this week with the A-team there.

That’s what I get for assuming…

Dear heavens, I thought the freakin’ Tim Tebow love was terrible. But I guess with no Tebow, we had to have someone to love and this week it was Ryan Perrilioux. And the bias showed even in the choice of words. When talking about Ainge for a few minutes, they said Ainge would have to “steal” and SEC Championship. Never mind that he and his team earned their way there by winning out and that he lead them there. Oh no, he had to “steal” a win in this one. He couldn’t earn it because, well, he’s not Tim Tebow or Ryan Perilioux.

I expected something close to a professionally called game from you CBS, but once again I was sorely disappointed. Your pictures of the game are nice to look at…too bad the words covering the game weren’t. Well, the pictures were nice for the most part except when you had technical difficulties when…wait for it…Tennessee had the ball. Of course. I expect nothing less from you now than a complete lack of professionalism when you cover games. That doesn’t mean I’ll let it go.


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