>An open letter to Shawn Merryman

>Dear Mr. Merryman,

Can I call you Shawn?

Shawn, I understand you’re a bit upset that you got injured in Sunday’s game against the Titans. I also understand that you believe the Titans coaches and players targeted you for retribution after you took a cheap shot at our franchise quarterback.

Can I please ask you to quit your whining? First of all, you guys got the win and the way you got it should be satisfying enough for you. Second of all, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for a guy who does his own little dance on every play. I can see a sack getting a celebration, but a cheap shot away from the ball–yeah, not so much. Finally, I can’t believe that the Titans would within three plays put this “hit” out on you. Could it be that Jeff Fisher and the Titans offensive staff decided to challenge the players to block better and not allow you to take any more cheap hits on Vince Young?

Oh, of course not. I forgot–it’s all about you.

Well, Shawn, last time I checked, you’ve been having a decent season. Not as great as you played before that four-game suspension last year for using steroids.

Oh wait, you probably wish we’d all forget that, don’t you.

Anyways, that’s all I really had to say. In closing, I ask that you put a sock in it and move on.

Big Orange Michael


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