>Titans win, keep playoff hopes alive

>With the Bungles taking care of business earlier in the day, the door is now open for the Titans to make the playoffs.

It’s simple–win and they’re in, starting today with the hapless Jets who were undefeated in Music City going into today’s game.

I’ve got to say the Titans looked a bit lethargic on offense today. Defensively, it’s what we’ve come to expect all year–big plays when needed including six sacks to welcome home Tennessee-native Chad Pennington (he plays for a New York team, so it’s OK…). After a great week last week, Vince Young looked a bit addled in the pocket at times, much to my disappointment. And I have to admit that up by four with three or so minutes to go and the Jets with the ball, I began to have flashbacks of the San Diego debacle two weeks ago.

Thankfully, today the Titans held on to win, keeping hope for the playoffs alive. Next week, if we can beat the Colts, we’re in.

Which brings up an interesting question. Outside of the Patriots, the Titans have played the Colts the toughest the past few years. So, while the Colts have locked up all they can lock up for the playoffs, will they rest their starters? The game is meaningless to them….except, they could eliminate the possibility of facing a team that has given them fits time and again the past several years. Would the Colts play the starters enough to win the game and eliminate a divisional rival? It’s an interesting question and I’ll bet one they ponder this week.

All that said, our playoff destiny is in our hands. Thank you Cincinnati for knocking off the Browns. Now we’ve got to get ready for next week. Because for the Titans the playoffs have already started….


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