>Who to root for or against?!?

>I’m on the horns of a dilemma when it comes to who I want to pull for in tomorrow night’s Patriots vs Giants game. Being a lifetime Redskins’ fan, it’s hard to pull for the Giants for any reason since they’re divisional rivals. But then again, my intense dislike for the Patriots knows no end. I can’t stand those guys.

I’ve been pulling against them all year as they move closer and closer to their perfect season. They should have lost a few weeks ago to the Ravens and ended all this speculation on whether or not they can go undefeated. It’s not that I have a lot of love for the ’72 Dolphins (they beat my Redskins in the Super Bowl even though I wasn’t around yet….), it’s just that I can’t stand the Patriots and I’m about to vomit from all the media hype surrounding this team.

Why do I despise the Patriots so?

Well, first up you’ve got Tom Brady who while he’s a great football player is too much of a player off the field. We’re talking about a guy who has kids by two different women and pretty much has little or no contact or interaction with the first one. Oh sure, he set up a college fund for the first one, but it’s not like he can’t afford it. Sure he fathered the kid, but he’s not a dad. And the way he’s held up as some golden boy and this is glossed over just makes me dislike him all the more. You don’t hear this kind of crap about a real stand-up guy on and off the field like, say, Peyton Manning.

And any team that plays dirty like the Patriots does and goes out of their way to get Randy Moss…you lose my respect there.

But where the Pats lose my respect the most is in their head coach. For one thing, he’s a cheater. Spy-gate showed that and, in my mind, it taints the entire record of the Bill Belachick era in New England. Second of all, the guy has no class. Last year, the Pats were up on the Titans in the final game of the year and Belachick inserted Vinnie Testaverde to get a meaningless toughdown for some stupid record of Testaverde getting a TD in every season since he replaced Moses as starter. Even if weren’t against my second-favorite team, I’d still find it dispicable. You don’t see a classy coach like, say Joe Gibbs doing stuff like that. And then there’s the way Belachick has run up scores this year–going for it on fourth and inches in your territory or inside your own twenty when you’re up by double digits. Leaving Tom Brady and the starters in long after the game is clearly won. It make me wish that some linebacker would come in and knock Brady out of the game just to see Belachick get his comeuppance.

But it looks like the team will go undefeated in the regular season. Apparently the Giants are going to roll over–Brady even told them they should (how I’d love to see the defensive starters play just long enough to introduce him to the turf a few times…)–and basically give the Pats the game. How much you wanna bet Belachick leaves his starters in the whole game?

Anyway, what I want to see is the Pats go undefeated and then lose in their first playoff game. Should the Titans make it in and win the first game, they’d go to New England. If that happened and the Titans won, you’d not be able to wipe the smirk off my face for weeks. Especially if Albert Haynesworth got to pressure and/or sack Tom Brady a dozen or so times….that’d be awesome!

UPDATE: And here’s just one more reason the Pats are thugs and punks and have no respect for the rest of the league. It’s rare I say anything complimentary about the Dallas Cowboys, but at least the Cowboys have the class to wear a 21 on their helmets to honor Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed a little over a month ago. For those of you who don’t know, Taylor played for the Redskins, who are the big rival to the Cowboys. But yet the Cowboys as a team have enough class and respect to honor Taylor, unlike the Pats who can’t be bothered. Another reason to hate this team and organization.


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