>More responses on the Lady Vols win

>Dear 104.5 the Zone,

I realize that you’re the flagship station for Vanderbilt and because of that I shouldn’t really expect a kind word thrown UT’s way very often. And I also understand that one the jobs of your morning sports team is to create waves, generate calls and build ratings so you can make money and stay on the air. And I suppose that when it all comes down to it, I brought this upon myself by making the mistake of tuning in to your station this morning.

But to put what happened in the Georgetown game last night and what happened in the Lady Vols vs Rutgers game last night in the same basket (no pun intended) is just ludicrous. If you’d actually, oh, I don’t know, watched the game, you’d see that the two (as ESPN calls them) phantom fouls took place in two entirely different contexts and places on the court. But never let what actually happened get in the way of a good rant or your chance to lament how one team or the other got “hosed” by a “bad call.” In the Lady Vols game, there WAS AN ACTUAL FOUL that took place with time left on the clock. There may be some controversy over whether or not there should have been time on the clock, but that is for the officials to decide. And they did make the call. Whether it’s right or wrong probably depends on where your loyalties lie. I’m sure up in Rutgers today their two fans are whining and complaining to the local call-in show in between minute-by-minute consideration of the waste-of-time Congressional hearings on Roger Clemens and breaking down every facet of the third-down near-sack-but-then-he-escapes play of Eli “Oh by the way I played in the SEC, the best conference at everything” Manning in the Super Bowl. Oh and I’m sure Vivian Stringer is still whining and crying and showing a complete lack of class to anyone who will listen (and by anyone I mean ESPN).

But when I hear you guys siding with her, saying that Rutgers got “hosed” and that they “deserved” to win the game, it just irritates me. For one thing, I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t bother to tune into the game since we all know Frank Wycheck considers women’s sports beneath him (despite that fact that his Lady Terrapins are usually pretty good). For another, you’re probably just basing this on the biased coverage on ESPN and not actually bothering to consider the full story. I saw ESPN’s sad coverage of this game this morning, which I’ve got to say was VERY one-sided. It was like watching a break-down of the Zapruter film in JFK.

Anyway, I know I shouldn’t be shocked by this, but it still bugs the living fire out of me. I just thought I should let you guys know.

Big Orange Michael


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