>Not as bleak as they’d like you think it is…

>The way everyone in the media is acting, I expect the Associated Press and the ESPN Coaches Poll people to show up in Knoxville today and take away the Vol’s number one ranking.

I know we lost and I’ll give credit to Vanderbilt for playing a good game and catching the Vols at the right time to pull off an upset. But that said, we don’t know what will happen this week. Perhaps Memphis will have its own stumble following the spotlight and national attention of Saturday night. Another couple of teams below us could lose and we could stay stay number one. I’m not saying it’s likely, but I am saying that it could happen.

But if you listen to the media coverage, that’s not the way it would seem.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy being listed as the number one team in the country for another few days. I’m going to revel in it. I’m going to hope the Vols learned that you’ve got to make free-throws in critical places to win games. (That and a poor officiated game on both sides helped Vanderbilt a lot last night). I’m going to enjoy where we are and hope that being there has made the Vols realize how great it is, made them hungry to be there when it really counts–at season’s end, cutting down the nets after winning it all.

That said, I’m still a fan, I still believe in this team and I’m still excited about what we’ve got on our plates.

Go Big Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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