>Survive and advance


For some reason, the Vols are trying to get my blood pressure up this weekend with their wins. First Friday’s game and then going to overtime today. But the good news is–the Vols now have a one in sixteen shot at cutting down the nets two weeks from Monday.

Of course, if we don’t wake up and bury a team when we’ve got them down like we need to, we won’t make it much farther.

And it seemed like today that CBS stood for Complete Butler Sycophants.

Good heavens, could they be a bit more obvious in who they were rooting for? The Butler guys could do no wrong and you’d think they were hitting game winning shots every time they scored the way Bill Raferty was calling the game. Add to that that Vern Lundquist audibly sighed when Butler missed a free-throw late in the game…it had my wonderful Easter dinner churning in my stomach with disgust.

That doesn’t even cover the insane let’s cut to a game with ten minutes left that is close while the Tennessee game is inside of three minutes and close. I could absolutely care less about the pretender UT (Texas) playing and blowing a huge lead to Miami, CBS. I think the real reason they cut away was so they could show 20 solid minutes of commercials. Or so we could see the Texas guys working up their strategy. Which is fine and all if I gave a fig about Texas or if the Tennessee game didn’t have something happening. I understand that it’s under 10 seconds and they’re only up three, but why do we have to stay with it during the timeout which will last about ten minutes or so while we see more commercials for CSI: Wichita.

And then, the game ends in overtime and we can barely show the last seconds ticking off the clock before we cut off to Davidson vs Georgetown. And we linger on Davidson celebrating.

Yeah, absolutely no evidence of bias there CBS. I’d come up with some witty thing for that, but I can’t work Davidson into the CBS letters.

But the good news is–we’re still alive. And if I were Bruce Pearl, I’d call Pat and have her read these guys the riot act. They played well enough to win, but not up to their potential. Thankfully, the blatant attempts to get on the SportsCenter Top 10 plays weren’t there today, but to allow a team like Butler to hang around and take you to overtime…yeah, not the stuff of greatness there.


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