>They are out of their freakin’ minds

>If you were driving along Sam Ridley in Smyrna this evening and you saw a blue Honda nearly swerve off the road, it was probably me.

I was feeling a bit annoyed at the two idiots they have covering the weekend shift for 104.5 the Zone. (I flipped over during a commercial break in the first game of the Final Four game of Tiger High vs We’ve Won A Lot Of Titles But Not One Lately and heard these two turkeys going on about how well Tiger High was playing. And then mentioning they only had one loss and that loss was to the Champion of the Volunteer State for 2008, the Big Orange of Knoxville.

It’s at this point that these guys go–well, Memphis sure didn’t play well in the game. And basically, according to these two morons they let the Vols win the game. After all, it was only by four and then Memphis went on and destroyed the rest of Conference USA. And then they went on to say–well, Vandy beat UT a few days later by three, so that means that Vandy could beat Memphis.

It was at this point that I was tuning out because I was yelling things at the radio that, quite frankly, shouldn’t be reprinted.

Because these two idiots really annoyed me. Why? Well, they forgot a few of those silly facts and realities.

One is–and I’m sure Memphis fans will back me up on this–I’m pretty sure John Calipari didn’t wake up the day of the Memphis vs UT game and say to his team, “You know guys, I think we should let the Vols win this one. But play just hard enough to lose by single digits.” I guess it’s just too much to accept for these two idiots that on that night UT was the better team. Oh no, we have to come up with excuses.

Then, the next part–oh since Vandy beat UT, they’re better than Memphis. Ummmmmmmm, let’s look at some facts. One is that Vandy won by three on their home floor, two days after UT beat Memphis. A few weeks earlier, the Commodors were handed their heads by the Vols in Knoxville. We beat them like a drum. Oh but we forget that, don’t we? Because those little facts poke holes in your lame-bran theory.

Finally, last time I checked the Vols went to the Sweet Sixteen. And how did the Commodores do? Oh that’s right…one and done to Sienna.

I can see why these guys are on the weekend shift. But, no, really guys…you almost had a point there. It’s too bad if you look at it with anything approaching logic or intelligence your whole argument breaks down. But I guess on some level, you got what you wanted…because I’m talking about what you guys said a few hours later.


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