>Four Years and a Couple of Days Later

>Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of first post here at the now (in my mind) world-famous Big Orange Michael.

Interestingly, as I looked at my first post which had some questions about the upcoming UT football season (the real UT…not that wannabe in Texas), I found myself thinking that I could virtually copy and paste that post and it’d be extremely relevant when it came to THIS year’s upcoming UT season.

Of course, four years ago, we went on to surprise everyone and go to the SEC Championship game. So, hopefully history will repeat itself…

I started this blog for a number of reasons, none of which I’ll go into here. I’ve made a lot of friends these past four years–people I might not have met had it not been for this blog. I’m sure I’ve annoyed some people over the past few years (aka any fan of any other team but the Vols, Titans and Redskins). I’ve got too high for big wins, too low for bitter defeats and blamed the refs for being completely biased against my teams on more than one occasion. I’ve talked about tv shows, movies, books and all kinds of other things in the popular culture. I’ve bragged about my family.

In short, I’ve just been me. And I’ve had fun. Yes, I’ve slowed down in my posting these past few months. But I’m still here.

I suppose I could post what I think are some of my better posts from the past year. But as Jon Pertwee once said when asked what he thought his best performance as the Doctor was, “Well, which one do you think is my best? Then, that’s my best.”

Four years down….many more to come.


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