>Iron Man

>Went to see Iron Man over the weekend and while it wasn’t quite the nirvana that is Spider-Man 2, it was still very enjoyable. That said, I think they’re pulling the typical pattern for Marvel Comics based movies–good first film, incredible second film. (See also: X-Men, X2, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2)

And if you’ve not seen Iron Man yet, I encourage you to run, not walk to a theater and take it in. Also make sure you stay past the closing credits or you’ll miss one of the cooler geek moments of all-time. Watching it on YouTube…not the same at all.

Of course, going to see Iron Man reminded me of why I don’t get out much to the theaters to see many movies. I’m not going to rant about the incredible cost of seeing films in a theater these days. What’s the point?

Instead, I’ll go all curmedgeon on you and say, I enjoy going to the movies, I just am not a fan of being around the people. Why in the name of Robert Downey, Jr. do you pay all that money to see a movie, only to go in and chat for two hours? And why couldn’t the parents in front of us maybe ask their son (who is old enough to know better, mind you) to stop bouncing in his chair so that it keeps rocking back into me?!? (Of course, I feel like I got my own sort of passive-aggressive revenge as when the credits rolled up, they shot out of the theater. Had they not annoyed me for half the movie, I might have said–hey, you might want to stay based on what I’ve heard).

Also, the guy who felt that the call to turn off or silence your cell phone included everyone in the theater BUT him. I swear, I wish they’d install cell phone dampening fields in movie theaters.

How in the world is it that these people always manage to sit near me?!?

And people wonder why I will wait and get the films on DVD more often than not.

Yes, I do understand that for some things, you can’t replace the fun of seeing the movie on a big-screen with an audience (for example, opening night of a Star Trek film). And I know I’ll be out to see at least a few more movies this summer (no way am I missing seeing Indy 4 on the big-screen or Dark Knight on the IMAX). I just hope I can find a time when all the annoying people aren’t there….


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