>Another open letter to Kenny Chesney

>Dear Mr. Chesney,

You may recall during football season, I declared you dead to me due to your going on national TV and showing yourself to not be a true Vol fan by praising the Florida Gators.

You’d think maybe, just maybe you’d have learned a lesson after that about not annoying people who like you. But based on your comments about last night’s ACM Awards, I’m beginning to wonder if your hat is too tight or something.

Now, I won’t even go into the fact that there are approximately seventeen billion awards show out there these days nor will I rant on the fact that man, you entertainers sure do enjoy getting together and congratulating yourselves on your perceived awesomeness on a regular basis. Hell, I think someone tried to give me an award earlier this week for singing in my car and doing the best drum solo on a steering wheel while stuck in traffic on I-24 near mile marker 65. But not being a huge raving egotistic, I declined.

But no, that’s not my point here. My point is that you really shouldn’t accept the award one second and then turn around and rip it the next. I refer specifically to the way you ripped into the ACMs for allowing fans to vote. I know that in your world, wherein people go with the flavor of the month college football team and have no loyalty, that if you could just make music without having to have those annoying fans buy it or, heaven forbid, like it and support it with their hard earned dollars things would be so much better. I mean, it’s not like these people liked and supported you when you are a struggling artist back in the day and not churning out hit after hit that all sound the same and are about as interesting as watching paint dry. No, no, let’s make sure we completely alienate them.

But then, we find out that your fans were encouraged to go onto the web-site and vote for you.

So, hold on here a second. Let’s parse this logic. You don’t want fans to vote, but yet you encouraged them to vote for you on the site so you could get this award.

Of course, knowing that you’re a traitorous turncoat with no loyalty to a team you claim you grew up saying you’re a lifelong fan of, I’m not shocked at all. Just one more reason to be glad that I threw out the few copies of your music I had a few months ago when you turned on my team for one of our biggest rivals.

You might want to check that hat. I’m not sure your out of control ego fits in it anymore.

Big Orange Michael

P.S. And to the Kenny fans who will inevitably find this blog because I’ve dared to make a negative comment about Kenny, please comment away. I cannot wait to see how you defend this one…


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