>Doctor Who has a new producer

>The big news in the Doctor Who world is that producer Russell T. Davies will step down as producer at the end of next year. (I hesitate to call it a season since we’re only getting four specials next year to accomodate the schedule of the actor in the lead role…or so we’re lead to believe). Stepping up to the role of producer is Steven Moffatt, who has consistently turned out the best stories of the new run of Doctor Who. He’s won two Hugos for his work on the show and will pick up a third later this year for last year’s brilliant episode, “Blink.”

This change in executive producer will be a good thing. Doctor Who is a show that is built around change and I think having new leadership for the program will sustain the series. Changes happened in the show consistently during the original series run and it kept chugging along for twenty-six seasons. There may be some fans to the new show who are in a bit of a panic over the change in producer, but all I can say is–don’t sweat it. It’s happened before and each time, it seems to bring in a fresh sense of energy and creativity to the show. Plus, it’s Moffatt, who has shown he just gets what it is that makes Doctor Who, well, Doctor Who.

The news has really got me intrigued to see what will happen to the show and looking forward to series five in 2010. Of course, now the speculation will be whether or not David Tennant is leaving the role. The way the stories are playing out this year and certain hints that have been dropped, I’d say it’s looking likely this will be his last full season in the role. That said, I’m not sure the BBC would want to have its biggest hit experience a huge change in front of the camera and behind it, changing lead actor and executive producer at the same time. I either expect Tennant to leave during the specials next year or mid-way through season five.

It’s a great time to be a Doctor Who fan…even if all the new fans who can’t get past that fact that Rose was just a companion and it’s OK that she’s gone annoy me.


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