>Ready to move on already….


  • It’s good to know the rest of the sports universe is taking time off so the Brett Favre situation can unfold in Green Bay. Did we really need to cut away from the pre-season game last night to see footage of Brett emerging from his private plane in Green Bay? At this point, I kind of expected Super-Favre to fly there himself, his number four jersey flapping behind him like some kind of weird cape. It’s sad when SportsCenter devotes ten minutes to this story and then two seconds to highlights of the pre-season game taking place, much less the news that Art Monk finally made it into the Hall of Fame.
  • You know, I’m all for the kids reading and everything, but if I have to hear any more about the new Twilight book that came out, I may scream. Don’t get me wrong–Stephenie Meyer is a talented author who has a bright future ahead of her and I’m all for anything that gets the kids to be excited about reading these days. That said, I wish the books being hyped were, well, better than they are. I’ve read the first three and beyond the first two-thirds of the first was totally underwhelmed. Maybe it’s because I’m not a teenage girl, but I just don’t see what all the excitement it about. I think part of it is that in the last two books I read, the main character Bella became so self-absorbed and petulant that I just wanted to toss the book aside in frustration. It left me with no desire to pick up the next novel though I will try and find out how the storyline ends to see if my feelings and predictions are true.

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