>August Happiness Challenge 2008, Days 10 and 11

>Before we had the Internet, how did we ever go, “I wonder what happened to _____” and then find out?

I’ve lost track of a several friends over the years, often wondering at times what they were up to, where life had taken them and how they were doing now. Thanks to the Internet and a couple of the social networking sites, I’ve been able to get back in contact with some old friends the past few weeks and months and find out. And it’s been a real treat to get to do so.

Of course, the other good thing about them is that it helps you keep up with new friends and family as well.

Sure, it shouldn’t ever take the place of having real world social interaction, but it’s still nice to be able to quickly and easily keep up with old friends, new friends and family via the Internet these days.


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