>Happiness Challenge 2008, Days 21-26

>Most Friday mornings after I’m done with my job responsibilities, I’m able to make it to the Y in time for a spin class. As some of you know, I enjoy spinning and swimming as my two main forms of exercise in my never-ending quest to train for desert.

Most Fridays, there is an older couple of comes to the Y at the same time. He comes to class and she’s in a wheelchair, that he places so she can see him and vice versa, as well as look out on the rest of the Y. After the spin class is over, he will go out and you’ll see the two of them slowly walking around the track, talking to each other and getting their exercise.

This scene plays out on a weekly basis and every time I see it, it seems to me to be a great example of a romantic relationship. I don’t know their story so I may be assuming a lot of details here, but I love seeing the two of them have this time together. In a short span of time, I see a couple that is content to be together, but also has their own separate interest and pursuits that each is willing to allow the other to pursue. But, in the end, they always come back together and are a team. I’ve seen them walking the track and getting into and out of the car and it always just hits me, thinking how sweet it is.

Now, I don’t know anything really about them. For all I know, they could go home and fight like cats and dogs. But seeing them together, I somehow doubt it.

It’s this kind of example that reminds me of what it is I’m seeking in this life in terms of a romantic relationship and a partner. And then, I’ll get to thinking of how blessed I am to have so many examples of good, solid relationships in my life–from this couple to family to close friends. It also reminds me that things are never perfect, but when you have the right connection with the right person, it’s close enough to perfection that all the other stuff really doesn’t matter in the long run.

And that just makes me happy….


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