>Titans 17, Jags 10

>At least one of my three teams started the season off with a win, though they made it as nerve-wracking as humanly possible.

I know I will sound like a repeat of every post from last season, but there were some extremely questionable calls in the final five or so minutes of the game. The refs putting time back on the clock two plays in a row. Apparently Jack DelRio can freeze time and call time out the second the Titans’ player hits the ground.

And then, a couple of free time outs for the Jags in the final two minutes when the Jags needed a rest. Two reviews of spots in a row, both going against the Titans. If I were a person who saw conspiracies everywhere, I’d say that looked like might suspect….I’m just sayin’.

So, I have a question…do we have a quarterback controversy in Nashville? Of course, it’s easy for Kerry Collins to come in and be the hero. His leading the final drive after Vince Young got hurt was win, win for him. He does well, he’s the hero. He doesn’t do well, we all blame Vince. Or Jeff Fisher. I’m not saying Collins didn’t look good, but he got a lot of help when a huge play that ate up turf, converted third and long and set up the Titans’ winning field goal.

Of course, some turkey in front of me started lamenting we should have picked Jay Cutler. Yeah, but here’s the thing–we wanted a winner. Someone who knew how to win. Also, Vince has more raw talent. Plus, consider that the Broncos actually put some emphasis on having better than average wide receivers. I love the Titans, but our lack of a big play receiver showed up again today. Part of it’s Vince, but part of it is the receivers needing to make a play.

Thank goodness we have an awesome defense that was aggressive and got in David Gerrard’s head.

And Chris Johnson….man, that pick just looks better and better all the time. I have a feeling he may be the steal of the draft come the end of the season….


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