>I’m not giving up on my team

>In case you missed it, I’m kind of a big fan of all things University of Tennessee.

And in case you missed it, we’ve not been having the greatest season in football this year. I think the words to best describe it are “pretty damn disappointing.”

These two factors have seemed to collide a lot in recent weeks as I’ve continued to wear my UT colors and apparel. As some of you know, I actually have orange socks I will wear and I took the plunge this year into full-blown obsession with tennis shoes that have UT orange in them and a pair of UT crocs. So, needless to say, I can wear UT colors pretty much anytime and anywhere I want.

But in wearing my school and team colors, I’ve encountered a lot of people in the past few weeks who seem to think that just because the Vols aren’t doing so well, that I should abandon my team. One guy in the elevator, upon noticing my UT umbrella, noted I must have picked it up “really cheap” because surely everything UT-related must be on clearance. I’ve also had several people point out, upon seeing my other various UT apparel that while this is a “bad year” for the Vols, I’d certainly be welcome to jump on their bandwagon or to root for some other team.

I always try to be polite and reply that while I appreciate the offer, I still like the Vols. (Well, except my friend in spin class who when he asked if I’d like to root for Vanderbilt, I affirmed strongly this would not happen). I am still pulling for them. And as I’ve said before, I am not going to jump ship and go over to another team. I just don’t quite understand fans who leap from one team to another, based on who is winning. I don’t see how you really enjoy your team doing well unless you’ve been through the rough spots. And let’s face it–we’re in a rough spot here.

I know, these people are trying to be nice. And it’s probably like a person with a name that is easily part of a bad pun or joke hearing the same joke or pun over and over again. But I feel like I need a t-shirt printed up that says–by the way, I’m not abandoning the Vols.

And, yes, I still am going to spend several hours each Saturday watching the game. Because it’s just what I do. It’s part of who I am.


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