>Alabama 29, UT 9

>It’s nice to know that in this long, distinguished series UT has no big wins. Or none that ESPN could be bothered to show us even though we got to see some of Bama’s greatest hits in the series. Surely, Peyton Manning breaking the streak by throttling Bama would be one to consider. Or Eric Ainge leading the Vols on their only TD drive of the game to win it two years ago.

But no, we couldn’t have that.

I will give ESPN some credit. During the first half when our defense was playing out of their minds, the announcers were fairly complimentary of the Vols. And they did make some good points about squandering opportunities. Which we did.

Of course, it’s hard to overcome both the other team and poor officiating. The refs completely blew the call of a fumble in the third quarter that was a TD for the Vols. If we get that, it keeps us in the game. Instead, it pretty much slams the door and was the turning point for the game. So, thanks refs for blowing a call that turns the game. Good job.

Yes, I’m bitter and angry. I despise Alabama. I wish nothing good for them or their team. I hate losing to them. It’s part of being a Vol fan…you can’t like anything about Alabama’s teams. It’s just how it goes.


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