>I don’t think he expected this

>Watching and listening to Phil Fulmer’s press conference yesterday, it was hard not to get choked up for a guy who had just been fired from his dream job. And in his comments, we saw that even when the chips are down, Fulmer is classy individual and whatever perceived failings he has as a coach, he is still one hell of a human being and mentor.

I think that is what will be missed the most–the way that Fulmer was a mentor and got to work with some of the guys. I’m sure he won’t miss the long days, sleepless nights and constant barrage of idiot callers to sports call-in shows who clearly know more than he does. (That last part was sarcasm).

In the press conference yesterday, Fulmer showed class and dignity. And it was something he didn’t have to do. He could have issued a statement, not said anything or left UT out there to hang. But he didn’t because he loves the school and the program that he wouldn’t embarass it or himself that way.

It was interesting to hear some media members discuss his taking questions and only pointing to certain media members. Of course, those same media people who just yesterday were calling for his ouster are now wondering “What will UT do now that Fulmer is gone?” and painting a woe-is-me picture for UT. Don’t you just love hypocrisy?

The pressure now clearly falls on Mike Hamilton. He’d better hope he finds the football version of Bruce Pearl or else the next press conference of this kind will be to announce his decision to step down…

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