>UT vs MTSU basketball

>The weekend of all things UT sports kicked off last evening with a visit to MTSU’s home court to watch the basketball team take on the Blue Raiders.

I’d never attended a sporting event at MTSU, though odds are I will be attending a few more in the future. I say this because the Lady Vols have a contract to come in and whip up on play MTSU next season. I have a feeling last night’s game and crowd was a precursor to what we’ll see next year when Pat Summit and the Lady Vols come to town.

But back to this year. After we blew out MTSU at home last year (we won by 60), I was pretty sure we wouldn’t do the same on their home court. Though I was hopeful. MTSU and the Vols played an even game for the first half. Every time it looked like the Vols were getting ready to really break it open, MTSU would come up with a play or two to keep it close. In the second half, we had some good runs, made our free throws and pulled away late in the game.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t say the officiating was terrible. So, I will go ahead and say it–the officiating at last night’s game was terrible.

But it was a win and that’s what counts. And at least it wasn’t a heart attack waiting to happen like last night’s Lady Vols’ game was. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on there?!?


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