>Which is worse?

>While it’s disappointing and heartbreaking that the Titans lost yesterday, I have to wonder something….

I watched the second playoff game last night in which the Carolina Panthers got the crud kicked out of them by the Arizona Cardinals. From what I saw, it looked like the Panthers showed up for one drive and then the whole team derailed quickly.

Now, a few hours later, I wonder which is worse–losing like the Titans did in the closing seconds of the game or having the stuffing kicked out of you for fifty-eight minutes and change like the Panthers did. At least our fans got some value out of their playoff tickets, unlike the Carolina game where their fans could be headed home at half-time.

I’m sure the Carolina fans are as angry, bitter and hurt today as the Titans fans are.

The thing is, they were expected to have an easy time of things last night and it turned out to be just the opposite….


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