>TV Round-Up: 24

>Day Seven, 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
After a year without Jack Bauer, 24 is finally back. And was it worth the wait?

Let’s just say the jury is still out until I see tonight’s episodes.

I think a lot of my reaction to the first two hours of the seventh day of 24 was because large chunks of it were ruined by the promotional department over at Fox. Even if I’d been living in a cave that got really bad reception, there was virtually no way to not know that Tony was back and that he was behind the threat in today’s plot. So, while the first hour was wise enough to get that revelation out of the way early, it still opened up a whole lot of other questions that haven’t really been answered yet. As Jack demanded at the end of hour two, “Why Tony?”

I want to know what drove Tony to fake his own death and then decide to fight the country he served for so long. Looking back at his death in day five, it seems like it only took a few hours for him to become so bitter after the death of Michelle. And yet, there he was, helping Jack out to save the day. So, like I said–his motivation better be pretty good or else day seven is going to lose some major credibility points.

And it’s not like 24 has exactly been established on rock solid credibility until now. You have to just accept certain things–many of which are on display here. Jack’s way is the best, even if it’s extreme. And Jack is much smarter or more observant or just all around more manly than everyone else around. That came across in the scene where Jack notices the sniper headed out the building has different shoes on, thus labeling him as not a Fed. Nice catch for Jack, but given that the rest of the FBI looks like a bunch of bumblers compared to Jack. Except for the new red-headed female agent, who apparently has some kind of huge crush on Jack. (Is it just me or did anyone else get that kind of hero worship/crush vibe from her?)

Speaking of Agent Walker, did anyone else get some kind of strange tension between her and taskforce leader, Agent Moss?

And any bets yet on who the mole is? While I’m not shocked there’s a mole, I am a bit surprised it’s come into play this early. How awesome would it be if it turns out to be Agent Walker?

Meanwhile, over at the White House, we’ve got a new president–one we’ve got very little investment in yet, so it’s hard to care much. And, of course, what’s going on over there with the invasion of the African nation will somehow tie into what’s happening with Jack.

Like I said, not a great start to the day. A lot of it suffers from a been there, done that kind of feeling that hits lots of shows after seven years. I did find the sequence with the near miss of the planes to be edge-of-your-seat. But a lot of that had to do with the fact of wondering if the producers would allow Tony to commit such a crime and then expect us to forgive him later should it turn out he’s deep undercover or some other explanation.

And did anyone else have Die Hard 2 flashbacks when Tony took over guiding the planes in? I had visions of him causing the plane to crash by feeding the flight instruments false information….


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