>A New Step

>When you take certain workout classes, you often get asked if you’re training for some event or another. (Right now, the popular response is the Country Music Marathon for many…not so much for me). My usual response is, “No, unless you count dessert.”

It’s not that I don’t want to train for a particular goal, mind you. I just am not motivated enough to make myself want to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles on a Saturday morning in April. It’s not that I dislike running, but there are other forms of exercise I enjoy more.

That said, I do like to push myself every once in a while to a new limit or test myself. It’s good to see how far I’ve come and figure out where I need more work. It gives me a new goal and something to work for–beyond that piece of chocolate cake or a shake from Sonic.

With that in mind, I decided to start participating in a Master’s Swim Team this year. I’d seen them at other Y’s I’ve been a member of, but I’d never joined. But I decided I’d reached a point where it’d be nice to work a bit on my technique and have some kind of structure to my swim workout a few times a week. Some people call it crazy, I call it kind of fun. Oh yeah, and I am supposed to learn how to kick turn which is a skill that has eluded me. I’ve tried to teach myself or replicate it based on observing others do it but I generally end up with a nose full of water, sputtering and coughing.

I’m a month into the Master’s swim team and really enjoying it. I’ve found I have some definite weaknesses in my swim stroke, but I’m working on them. The class meets twice a week and works for 90 minutes on swimming. But I’m already seeing some dividends. Last night we did time drills and I’ve managed to trim about three or so seconds off my sprints from when I started in January. Oh sure, I’m not going to be going up against Michael Phelps anytime soon, but I’m still excited about it. I keep saying if I could only kick turn, that’s at least two more seconds right there. (I think I am really overestimating the awesomeness of kick turning here….)

The class is a nice group of people who want to get better but aren’t over the top gung-ho about it.

Now comes word that the Y is going to offer an indoor triathalon in April. And I have to admit I am considering giving it a try. It would be 13 miles of bike riding, 500 meters swimming and then a three-mile run. The only part I am not confident is the three-mile run part, but I’ve been trying a treadmill class once a week to add some variety (and new ways to be sore) to my routine and I think I can handle it. So, I’m thinking of giving it a try in a couple of weeks just to get a gauge of where I am physical fitness-wise.

We’ll have to see. I tried to sign up last night, but couldn’t find anyone who knew how to sign up or where. Having just finished an hour and a half of swimming and hearing my stomach growling like a tiger, I decided to try again later before my patience ran out…


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