>Random Thoughts

>Not really enough for a full post, but some things on my mind lately….

  • A half-court shot heaved up in desparatation as time expires that goes in and scores the game-winning bucket is a great thing…unless you’re pulling for the other team. It happened yesterday in the UT vs Alabama basketball game and while on a sports-fan level, I can appreciate it as one of those rare one-in-a-millon things you don’t see often, it still stinks like last week’s garbage when it goes against your team. And knowing that we’ll probably see it all week on ESPN and possibly until the end of time just makes it stink all the more…
  • Related to that, had the Vols actually done something crazy like show up for the first half of the game or make some free-throws, we wouldn’t have to worry about a last second, miracle shot beating us. It’d be far easier to stomach if it were a heave as time ran out and we were comfortably enough in the lead that it didn’t matter if the shot was good or not.
  • I’ve officially decided the less I heard about Alex Rodriguez, T.O. and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys will win next year the better. It’s a shame that with some great college basketball races out there for slots in the tournament, that ESPN has to waste half of their broadcast time devoting attention to this.
  • Oh and one last thing–the Duke vs North Carolina basketball game is the most overrated, overhyped and overblown event in all of sports. It’s a big game, I will give you that. But it’s not the be-all-end-all of sports as many media outlets would have us believe. I also find it interesting how the relative importance of the game is measured by whatever network is showing the game.

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