>Meeting the neighbors

>I’ve posted before about the various people who will, occasionally, wander by my door in the middle of the afternoon, all claiming to be part of some kind of contest for their school.

Well, it’s happened again but this time it seemed a bit stranger.

To set the scene, it’s a cold, rainy night here in the middle Tennessee area. We’ve had sleet and freezing rain today and the temperatures now are hovering at just the point that the precipitation coming down could be slushy or solid. Not exactly a night I’d choose to be out unless it was an emergency of some kind.

So, I have to admit a knock on my door was unexpected. I went to the door and peered through the peephole to see a shadow. I couldn’t tell who it was but I’d not heard a car drive up. So, I flicked on the outside light to see who it was, thus meaning I’d probably have to acknowledge this person. It wasn’t a familiar face so asked who it was and got some spiel about it being a project to meet everyone in the neighborhood and improve his public speaking skills.

Call me crazy, but that sounded about as likely as Bruce Pearl calling and asking me to call plays for tomorrow night’s UT SEC tournament game.

Needless to say, the politeness of the guy wore off when I said, “No thank you” and went away from the door.

I had no idea that meeting the neighbors and improving your public speaking skills included such language….


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