>So close, yet so far…

>After two great games in the SEC tourney, the Vols picked the wrong time to go cold this afternoon, denying us our first SEC Tournament Championship in 30 years.

It was a terribly frustrating game to watch, especially given how the Vols just came out and took apart Alabama and Auburn the previous two days. If there was a team that should have been running on fumes, it was Mississippi State and not Tennessee. But the Vols were just sporadic on offense and it’s not good when one of your big players has one of his worst days in the biggest game of the year.

Of course, all of that is magnified by the way the refs bungled the last ten seconds of regulation play in the game. So many mistakes in that final few seconds, so many terrible calls and so much bungling that it looked like amateur hour instead of the finals of a big-time conference.

So, good luck in the tourney Mississippi State. You certainly got the benefit of some bad calls to propel you there. I hate to root against the SEC, but I hope you go one and done…

At least the Vols should be in the field of 64…though the refs cost us seeding today. I predict a six or seven seed for the Vols.


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