>Drama in Denver

>During the 2006 NFL Draft, a lot of debate on Nashville airwaves centered on who the Titans should pick at quarterback. Some people wanted Vince Young, some people wanted Matt Leinert and some wanted to draft hometown man, Jay Cutler.

We all know how history played out and while the jury is still out on which of these three will have the best NFL career (I’d say it’s almost a two QB race at this point between Young and Cutler), I still think the Titans made the right choice. A feeling that only becomes clearer the longer this whole story of Jay Cutler vs the Denver Bronocs continues to grow and evolve.

I can see both sides. Cutler is irritated that his new coach actively purused a trade to bring Matt Cassell to the Broncos. The new coach (whose name eludes me) wanted a guy who he knew well and would fit into his system.

Both sides are acting like petulant children in this debate, but it’s Culter who is coming off more like a spoiled brat than ever. I had my reservations about Culter during the 2006 draft and nothing he’s done since that time has really made me re-evaluate that. He may have all the talent in the world, but he hasn’t shown the ability to consistently win in either college or the NFL. He’s had his moments (I’m sure he pulls out his DVD of Vandy beating UT to show his one bright moment from his college career), but he’s remarkably inconsistent.

Now, he’s demanding a trade and has put his $2 million home up for sale in Denver. (Has he checked the real estate market?) Even if he stays, he’s disgruntled and wants out. And he’s not exactly making himself look like an attractive prospect in the bargain. Do you really want this a guy this petulant on your team?

I am not saying Vince Young has shown he can be the model of maturity or consistency. But it seems like he’s taken the being benched and taking a back seat to Kerry Collins with a lot more dignity than Culter has taken his situation in Denver. Of course, a lot of that could be chalked up to the influence of one Jeff Fisher. And maybe that Vince realizes that it’s not all about him and that it’s about the team.

All I know is it provides some drama to watch out in Denver…and to be thankful it’s not drama surrounding either of my favorite teams.

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