>Random Updates


  • Having completed the triathlon a few weeks ago, I now find myself looking toward the next challenge. I’ve decided that for my next physical fitness challenge, I’m going to try the Murfreesboro Half-Marathon in October. I’ve got a running training schedule and am working on the playlist for my .mp3 player for the run. And I’ve heard the course is a relatively flat one and good for first-time half-marathon people like myself.
  • The weather was really, really nice over the weekend. Saturday morning we did part of boot camp/ultimate cardio outside. Then, I took in the soccer games of my favorite niece and nephew later in the day. Yesterday, I felt this urge to wash my car, so I stopped by Target to pick up a few things to do it–you know, silly things like car wash soap. I got home, pulled out the hose and realized I couldn’t find my nozzle. So, I ended up cleaning out the car instead on the inside and leaving the outside in the same state it was before. But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, anyway…
  • I’m glad the NFL draft is over. I still believe if ESPN weren’t airing it on their network, they wouldn’t care or have 1700 draft experts. I hope the Titans and Redskins picks make an impact and as a UT fan, I hope Matthew Stafford fades into obscurity in Detroit. Sorry, I just can’t really get behind any UGA players.
  • Meanwhile, over in Knoxville, we keep losing players. I’m all for the new coaching staff having their system and being excited about it. But yet part of me is still wary when I hear about players quitting the team for whatever reason. The latest was B.J. Coleman, a sophomore QB who I thought had a lot of potential. We’ve also lost some experience at running back. Both of these concern me greatly. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and a lot of this will be forgotten if we beat Florida, Alabama and Georgia next year. Until then, put me in the skeptical camp.

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