>Put a Sock In It

>One of the local radio stations has a weekly segment called “Put a Sock In It,” devoted to telling sports-figures and fans when it’s time to “sit down and be quiet.” I’ve never called into the segment, but this week I’m tempted to do so for a couple of reasons.

  • First up, I wish ESPN would be a sock in it about the NBA Finals. I’m sick to death of hearing about them for the first 15 minutes of every SportsCenter. I’m glad they’re tipping off tonight just so we can get some actual game highlights instead of the latest report on the kids who dry the courts with a towel for the Lakers. It’d be one thing if there weren’t any other sports going on right now. But there are and I’d much rather see the highlights of the NCAA underwater basket weaving championships than hear one more word about the Lakers and the Magic.
  • Second of all, I think someone needs to muzzle Vince Young. A few weeks ago, he was saying the right things and acting like a team player, one who wanted to win his job back and maybe live up to those huge expectations we all had when we drafted him. Then, the last few weeks, we’ve just watched him implode, culminated by his latest remarks that he wants to either play or be traded. Well, Vince, I hate to tell you this, but the last time you played any significant game, you got shaken by the boos at LP Field and didn’t want to go back into the game. You lost the confidence of your coach, your team and the fans. So, until you show me something where it appears you’ve grown up a bit, you need to keep your mouth shut and hope you can make the back-up role as quarterback on this year’s team.
  • I realize that SportsCenter has moved to Los Angeles and I couldn’t care less–except they keep reminding us of it every 20 seconds. “Did you know we’re in L.A.?” That and the constant Manny Ramirez updates are enough to make me wonder if we don’t need someone to come in and be for ESPN what FoxNews is to CNN–a little healty competiton.

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