>Vince Talks

>So, Vince Young sat down for an interview with ESPN, talking about all the stuff that’s happened since he came to the Titans and the booing incident last season. (I was at the game and can tell you my boo came from frustration with him for not executing on the field, not because I don’t like the guy). Of course, this being ESPN, we’ve been given a little snippet of the interview to all tear apart on blogs and sports-talk radio for the next few weeks until the full interview airs sometime in July.

I’d be willing to tear it all apart, but I really want to hear the entire interview and get the entire context of the conversation before I rush to judgment on this.

I realize a lot of what ESPN is doing is building hype and interest for the interview–and trying to provide some conversation fodder for us as we head into the less than active time of the year with only baseball going on (and soccer, but who really cares about soccer?).

Part of me isn’t sure which I’m going to get sick of hearing about first–the Vince Young interview or the annual Brett Favre watch.

Right now, I’m going to say Favre. But that could change in the coming weeks…


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