>Summer Repeats

>I’d love to know the logic on how CSS picks games to repeat in the summer.

I say this because they’ve got their Tennessee showcase and tuning in today, it was the UT vs Florida game from 2006, which is great for about three-quarters and ends with the Vols losing to the Gators by the count of 21-20. I think classic depends on whether or not your team wins and I’d honestly rather not go through all of the highs and lows of that game again. (Once was enough…I still shake my head and mutter about it under my breath.)

I’m pretty sure I complained about this choice of a classic game last summer, which shows you that I’ve got way too much free times on my hands. Of course, the other part of that equation is there weren’t a lot of really great moments from last season to show us in repeat mode. The less I have to recall what happened last fall, the better. Unless we want to see the Vandy and the Kentucky games played on an endless repeat loop…that might be OK.

Speaking of that, I heard Phil Fulmer interviewed on the radio the other day and was reminded again of how much the program has lost. I’m not talking about the x’s and o’s and winning percentages. I’m talking about a guy who loved Tennessee football and was an all-around classy guy. Hearing him talk about his work with the Jason Foundation and say he might take a job as a studio analyst this fall was great to hear. But what was even better was Phil resisting the bait to take swipes or make some bone-head comment that would haunt him later.

I think the current coaching staff might need some lessons from Fulmer.

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