>Here’s Something I Never Thought I’d Say…

>So, it turns out I’m actually missing jogging/running.

I’ve been in a walking cast the past five or so week with a stress fracture in one of the toes of my left foot. And while I can still swim and use the exercise bike, that’s put a damper on my jogging and/or going to ultimate cardio/boot camp.

And I realized the other day that I’ve kind of been missing both activities.

Which if you’d told me six months ago I’d miss running, I’d have told you were out of your mind.

Hopefully only a little bit longer with the walking cast. I am starting to feel better but I am worried I’ll push myself too soon and go back to square one. And since I’d like to participate on the Chick-Fil-A 10 K in September and the Murfreesboro Half Marathon in October, I’d like to not have a relapse.


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