>Rembering Steve McNair

>I was stunned yesterday to get a news alert, informing me of the death of former Titans’ quarterback, Steve McNair. And I’m sure in the days and weeks ahead, as the story continues to unfold, we’ll get more details that we ever wanted to know about McNair and the woman whose body was found with his in a Nashville apartment.

And I’m sure we’ll all eventually get tired of hearing every tiny angle played up and every detail dissected in much the same way I’m ready for this whole Michael Jackson story to be done and over with.

I hope that as we get every sordid detail dredged up, that we won’t forget the player that McNair was on the field. There were so many times when McNair just willed this team to win and made some stunning and spectacular plays that resulted in a crucial first down, a much-needed touchdown or some incredibly needed momentum of the Titans. He was an electric player and one that could really get the fans fired up and going. In his prime, there was no deficit too big for McNair to overcome–or at least that’s how it seemed and seems in my memory. I only regret the Titans couldn’t win at least a Super Bowl or two with McNair. But I won’t forget the Sunday afternoons when he thrilled me with this athletic ability on the field and helped me to come to love the Titans as much as I do today.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. McNair. He will be missed.

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