>More Unrelenting Coverage

>A couple of weeks ago, I wondered what could possibly be more annoying than the unrelenting coverage of whether or not Brett Favre will play another season in the NFL.

I’ve found out…

The unrelenting coverage of when Michael Vick will be allowed to play again in the NFL.

I realize it’s a slow time of the year and that it’s a big story, but I really think this is being covered to death. I am shocked we don’t have leaked footage of Vick getting the ankle bracelet taken off by the authorities when he completed the home arrest portion of his sentence. Or maybe it’s just out there and I missed it as my eyes glazed over.

I will admit that I am fascinated by the extreme opinions that exist on when and if Vick should be allowed to play football again and the plan or plans he should follow to get back into the good graces of the league.

Of course, I’ve heard that my beloved Redskins are considered in the mix to get Vick whenever he returns to the league. All I can say to my good buddy Dan Snyder is, please for the love of all that is good, don’t go down that road. I know there are at least three or four Virginia Tech fans in the world and they probably live near D.C. and would like to see Vick come to the team. But honestly, the guy has too much baggage for our team to take on right now. Let’s continue the progress with Jason Campbell and win or lose with him.

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