>Saint Tebow

>It’s not even football season yet and the continuing saint-ifciation of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has begun in earnest.

Driving around last weekend, ESPN’s Freddy Coleman was gushing about how this upcoming season would be the greatest in all of college football history because Tebow was back along with Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. It lead into an interview with Tebow outside the ESPY Awards (the most overrated and useless awards in the universe) in which the interviewer couldn’t kiss Tebow’s posterior fast enough.

I will admit that Tebow is a good guy and that I respect what he does off the field and how he lives out his daily walk in a very visible way. In a day and age when we get far too many reports of the other side of the coin, the story of Tebow should be refreshing…

And yet, I can’t find it refreshing. Namely because the way its reported it sounds like Tebow heals a colony of lepers on the way to each game. Or don’t forget that time he fed 50,000 angry Gator fans with two hot dogs and a 20 oz. bottle of Coke. They all got their fill and had plenty left over to feed the newly healed leper colony.

I have a feeling it will only get worse. Heaven knows (pun intended), the legend to Tebow was only added by his big speech last year. And now they’ve made it a plaque in the Florida locker room.

The more I hear, the more I want a defensive lineman in Big Orange to clobber him when the Vols head to the Swamp in September for the annual show-down. Not hurt, mind you because I’m sure he’d just heal himself, but introduced to the turf. Until then, I will just have to hope that Lane Kiffin makes good on his desire to hear Rocky Top playing in the Swamp to celebrate a victory over St. Tebow and the Gators….

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