>Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman: Steep Canyon Rangers, The Dan Tymenski Band

>This week’s concert was the best of the series, largely thanks to the performance of one of my favorites, The Steep Canyon Rangers. I’d put them just behind Cherryholmes and Dailey and Vincent as my three favorite bluegrass groups.

They were high energy, fun and each band member got a chance to showcase his talents during the set. It was one of those sets where they’re introduced and it feels like five minutes have gone by when really it’s been an hour. I could have easily heard another hour by the guys. I really must go see them in concert by themselves some day or as the headline act. In fact, I’m not sure why they weren’t the headline act of the evening.

That honor when to the Dan Tymenski band. Apparently, Dan is the voice of George Clooney in “O, Brother Where Are Thou?” and he’s worked with Allison Krauss. He still does, apparently. I guess that’s why he got the headliner treatment. And he was good and he did perform “Man of Constant Sorrow,” but saved it to the end. I liked Tymenski and his group and found their set was enjoyable enough . But it’s hard to follow the Steep Canyon Rangers….


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