>Random Sports Thoughts

>Not really enough for a full post, but some random thoughts from the past couple of days in the world of sport.

  • Got an e-mail today asking me to go to a poll and answer whether or not Michael Vick should be forgiven. I’ll agree that what he did was a deplorable thing, but the man has paid his debt to society for it and is, for now, saying all the right things. I’m hopeful it’s a permanent change and he seems to have seen the error of his ways. So, I’m all for giving him a second chance. Interestingly there are some protest groups who are not and seem to want to define him by this one moment in his life. Which I find ironic given that one group wanted to rehab the dogs involved and get them back into normal society. So why not give Vick the same chance?
  • Oh good grief….Brett Favre may be coming back after all. Good heavenly days. The man needs to just stay retired already.
  • I’m not a huge golf fan, but even I can see the historic value of someone finally challenging Tiger Woods and Woods is the one who blinked. Golf has been begging for a true rival to Tiger for years, but I am not sold that Y.E. Yang is it. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time as they say. But for Tiger, it starts a long stretch of having to sit back and count his money and accolades while he contemplates not having a major under his belt this year.
  • The new Monday Night Football crew is OK, but not great. Anything was an improvement over Tony Kornheiser, I suppose. But my big issues is still Mike Tirrico, who I just find rather smarmy.
  • Sorry Ole Miss fans, but you’re team is in trouble. They were featured on the cover of SI this last week, talking about how they could be BCS busters. Three words: SI Cover Jinx.

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