>Brett Favre’s Back…

>Brett Favre is returning to football three weeks after he told everyone he was done.

Apparently not to much.

Rick and Bubba replayed the interview he did with them after he announced his retirement a few weeks ago. In it, Favre says his youngest daughter told him she wished he could take her to the Super Bowl.

I’m guessing that probably served as a good bit of his motivation to return.

That and twelve and a half million dollars for the season. Pretty good little retirement package there, I guess.

Odds makers and the talking heads on ESPN are now assuring us Minnesota is the team to beat from the NFC this year. At this point, I’m not sure why we’re bothering to play the season in the NFC since with Favre in Minnesota, no one else even has a chance. Of course, these are the same geniuses who were putting the Jets in the playoffs last year after they ended the Titans undefeated season at LP Field. (If you’ll recall, the Jets tanked down the stretch and missed the playoffs).

I have a feeling that the NFC East teams will have a lot to say about whether or not Mr. Favre gets to fulfill his daughter’s wish.


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