>Why Don’t They Show This Classic Game?

>Since it appears CSS is only showing six classic college football games this year, I had to seek out some vintage UT footage myself via the wonder that is YouTube.

And one of the first segments I found was the fumble and drive in the 1998 Arkansas game…if you’re a Vols’ fan you recall it well.

The Vols are down by three and have turned the ball over on downs with less than two minutes to go and only one time out left. We’ve just ascended to the number one ranking that week and are undefeated…all of which looks to be going away in less than two minutes.

At this point, Clint Sterner writes himself into goat history by fumbling the ball and then, well, it’s all Travis Henry behind some huge blocks by the offensive line.

As Henry pounds into the end zone for a miracle touchdown, I knew there was no stopping the Vols and we’d win it all…

Classic…pure and total classic. (Unless you’re an Arkansas fan, that is.)

As I watch it again, it’s this intensity and luster I want returned to Neyland Stadium. When Henry busts into the end zone, you can just feel the wave of pure joy by the 100,000 plus gathered there.


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