>Titans Pre-Season (So Far)

>I’m guessing the Titans got some kind of memo from Fox saying it would be OK to not really bring the team along for last night’s game and instead, allow Fox to gush about the latest cathedral to Jerry Jones’ ego in Dallas.

Because from what I saw, the team didn’t put up too much of a fight against the Cowboys, except on that first defensive series. Sorry Dallas fans, but you’re not that good. Or maybe you are that good in August because we’ve all seen you choke down the stretch the last few years (and as a Dallas hater, let me just say I LOVE it!)

So far, I have to admit I’m not feeling optimistic for the Titans based on what we’ve seen in the pre-season. We’ve won two games, yes but it’s almost like we took teams by surprise early in the season last year when they didn’t have any game footage to plan against. Now teams know what the Titans are going to do–run the ball down your throats–and are stacking up against it. And, so far, it doesn’t look like we’ve got a really effective counter-punch if a team decides to go all out and commit to stopping the run. I know that we were able to make some teams pay last year for doing that like the Bears, but come on…the Bears’ song is that “the Bears still suck!”

Of course, I could be totally wrong and once the season rolls in, things will be different. Maybe guys are tired from three pre-season games. Maybe last night was an aberration. I hope so. We’ve got a lot of folks around her jazzed about our chances (including me). And while I am still optimistic, right now it’s cautiously optimistic at best.


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