>It’s Time: The Most Wonderful Week of the Year

>Every year during “Bowl Week,” ESPN runs promos including the holiday song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

And while I can understand the use of the holiday song close to the holiday season, part of me thinks that this week, leading up to the college football season is a bit more wonderful. The season’s finally here, so close we can taste it and it’s full of hope. Every team has the same record and, right now, every team has a shot at the national championship. It all leads up to this weekend when things finally kick-off and we get some “real” football.

And there will be much rejoicing….

Over the weekend, I caught a little one hour special on the upcoming UT team. It was a lot of highlights of some of the practices and scrimmages, with Bob Kessling and Lane Kiffin coming in to talk about each segment. It was a lot of softball questions for Kiffin about each of his coaches. It was a “meet and greet” of the coaches for the fans and a chance to get to see them up close and in action for a few minutes. Sure, it wasn’t the Vols taking on someone or a repeat of a great game from the past, but it was still enough to get me fired up and ready for 11:21 a.m. CST Saturday morning.

It’s time….football is finally here. Even the weather is cooperating to make it feel like football season outside. I think it just goes as further proof that God loves football and that He’s a Vol’s fan.


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