>Tennessee 63, WKU 7

>The Kiffin era is 1-0.

After a rocky first quarter in which it looked like both the defensive intensity and the offensive woes from last year had carried over, things got settle down in the second quarter and it was all downhill from there. Thankfully, the Hilltoppers weren’t able to convert their early gifts into points and momentum or else we might have had a much, much different outcome to this game.

Instead, the Vols cranked it up, put the hammer down and rolled up the most points we’ve scored in a game since 2000.

As for the result, I’m pleased. I liked the intensity and focus the team showed.

That said, I think we’ve got some things to work on. A couple too many tipped passes and we still have no idea if Daniel Lincoln has improved at place kicker from last year. And one minor complaint. When the Vols got the ball back inside of two minutes up by 56, they didn’t go to the win the game stance. That bothered me. It was over and it felt like they were padding stats for a fantasy football game.

I know that Florida or Alabama would probably do that…but we’re not Florida or Alabama.

Oh well….

The Vols won their first opening day game in a couple of years and I’m going to relish it. Now it’s time to get ready for a redemption game against UCLA.


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