>Patriot Day 2009

>Eight years ago today, the world changed.

We all recall where we were that day when we first heard the news of what was unfolding in New York, Washington D.C. and at a field in Pennsylvania.

I can clearly recall the fear, the anger and the sense of utter helplessness at watching the events of the day unfold and then be shown over and over again as every station up and down the dial began to cut away from regular programming and show that haunting footage.

Eight years later, I thank God that no such attacks have occurred again on American soil. That we haven’t had to go through such a horrific moment again. For that, I thank the men and women who serve in our military, our intelligence services and those leaders who have had to make decisions that probably keep them up at night sometimes. I have prayed for the victims of that day, for their families and for the men, women and families who are serving to keep our country safe.

And yet as I think back on that day and those times, I find myself also remembering a time when our country came together, putting aside our difference, united together. In just eight years, we seem to have forgotten many of the lessons learned that day–on all sides of the aisle. I also recall that we had people making decisions, personal ones about their relationship not only with the people of this world, but also with the Great I Am. We saw a multitude of people pouring into churches of every denomination to find meaning, to find hope, to try and find answers. We saw people making life-changing decisions and making promises.

I know I made them.

And yet, I look at myself and others and wonder–am I honoring those commitments and promises I made in the days and weeks following that horrific day in history?

It’s a day to remember for all of us. And as I pause to remember what happened that day, I also pause to assess myself and make sure that I’m honoring the promises I made that day to a power that is higher than I could ever be.


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