>Steelers 13, Titans 10 (OT)

>Watching the opening game of the NFL season last night, pitting the Steelers against the Titans, it was just a luxury to see a game that mattered after what seemed like an eternity of pre-season games.

Unfortunately, the Titans came up a bit short in this one, leaving six points on the field. Six points that could have meant the difference and won the game for us. All during the first half, I felt like we had some kind of hangover from the playoff game vs the Ravens last January. The Titans moved the ball but somehow managed to self-destruct when it came to finishing drives with points.

Speaking of flashbacks, I felt like the Titans defensively didn’t make the right adjustments at half-time. For the first quarter and a half, the Titans were controlling the game defensively. And the, we reached the two minute warning of the first half and it seemed like the pressure that was being put on Big Ben was gone. We had at least two sacks before that two minute warning and none afterward. I’ll give credit to the Steelers–they made the adjustments when the Titans shut down the running game and managed to find a way to move the ball and win the game.

That said, it was still painful to get so close and to see another near miracle finish for the Titans not break our way.

I’m still not convinced the NFL’s overtime system is the best for the game. But I probably would love it if we’d won the toss….

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