>UT 34, Ohio 23

>The bad habit the Vols have of playing up or down to their level of competition seems to be rearing its ugly head yet again.

After dominating Western Kentucky, the Vols have fallen back into old bad habits. It was apparent against UCLA and it was painfully apparent tonight against Ohio.

I want to be positive about the win and savor it. And there were some good things that happened, including the running game getting going and wearing down Ohio. But after last week’s defensive showing against Florida, I must admit I’m a bit disappointed that we let their quarterback have a career night against us. I suppose I could and should take solace in the fact that it means we were stifling the run, but our defense was so dominant last week that I guess I’m wanting to see that every week now. Especially in the light of playing an opponent not up to the caliber of St. Tebow and Florida.

Oh well…at least we won.

Now we get ready to face a hot team in Auburn, whose offense is on a roll. I hope the defense that frustrated Western Kentucky and slowed down the vaunted St. Tebow shows up next week. We’re gonna need it.


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