>My NFL Teams Hiaku

>Redskins embarrass
Titans fumble chances away
Could be long year

I don’t think the Titans are as bad as an 0-3 record would indicate but we’ve still got some huge, glaring issues on special teams and in the secondary. That and the fact that Kerry Collins couldn’t connect on his final 15 or so passes.

As for the Redskins, I had a bad feeling heading into this game about how this could turn out. You never want your team to be the answer to future sports trivia questions along the lines of who did one of the worst teams in history break their losing streak against. Once again, it shows that fantasy football is best played among your friends and not with an actual NFL franchise.

And I have to ask something that relates to both teams, sort of. Were the Titans able to cover up a lot of issues last year because Albert Haynesworth was such a difference maker? Or was Albert such a difference maker because he had so many other talented players around him?

It makes some sense given that the Titans defense has taken a step back this year and that Albert isn’t exactly tearing it up in D.C.


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