>You Reap What You Sow

>Earlier this week, Lane Kiffin announced that he’d asked Alabama if the Vols could wear our home orange jerseys for this weekend’s big game.

Not surprisingly, the Tide refused the request.

We could still wear them, but it will cost us 30 yards in the game–15 yards at the start of each half.

Thankfully, Kiffin realized that we’re not quite at a point where we can eat thirty yards…at least not yet. So, it will be the road whites worn Saturday.

And while I applaud the request and the effort, it reminds me of how we refused to allow Auburn to do their Tiger Walk earlier this year. And I can kind of see the Alabama point which is–hey, it’s our home turf and we get to reap the rewards.

That said, I hope next year when the Tide roll into Neyland, we’ll think about letting them wear their home Crimson jerseys if they want to. I think it’d be great to see the Crimson vs the Big Orange jerseys out there on game day….

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