>Vols 31, South Carolina 13

>The first five or so minutes of this game went even better than I could have ever hoped. Within five minutes, the Vols defense had created two huge turnovers and the offense cashed them in for touchdowns.

And yet, even as we went up 21-0 on a fourth and two play, I still couldn’t get comfortable with a huge early lead. Call it hangover from two years ago when we seemingly had the game in hand at halftime only to see South Carolina storm back and we escaped with an overtime win.

Thankfully, it never got that close this time around and it was nice to see the offense click for at least one solid drive.

We still need a lot of help in the kicking game. Surely the Vols have a soccer team that we could use to borrow a kicker or two. I did wonder if that field goal we went for late in the game was more about Kiffin wanting to build up some special teams’ confidence with the Vols ahead. Yes, we added points and helped distance ourselves from South Carolina, but I think it had a dual purpose.

As for the black jerseys….they were OK once. We won wearing them, so it’s OK.

But let’s stick to the orange and white from here on out…


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